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In order to attract tech talent you need to build a company that offers what IT Professionals want.


Quality Talent

IT proffessionals want positions that improve their careers.SHM has a history of attracting top-tier tech talent.

Our university relationships, active recruiting process, and diligent efforts to offer learning and growth opportunities have made SHM the software development company to work with in Mérida, Yucatan.

Virtual Reality

Best Careers

Quality talent needs challenging assignments to keep them engaged. Client success works hand-in-hand with the individual´s goals.

Our Career Manager will actively guide their professional development and find ways to incorporate those new skills into your overall plan.


Long-Term Relationship

A dedicated team will learn your specific needs and thus be in the best position to advance your goals and remain their best career option.

Rates are quoted on an annual basis making it easy to build your nearshoring development team.

Client visits are an integral part of team building

Clients can use these visits as training opportunities, improve investment in overall business objectives, discuss career advancement goals, and/or bridge the gap between the onshore and offshore teams.

Our most recent client visit was with Blane Erwin. He oversees two of the companies that have hired development teams through Software House Mérida - ClearTrust Claims LLP and Mantix4. Blane´s takeaways:

  • SHM was welcoming and worked hard to plan a productive and fun visit.
  • I spent quality time with the SHM software developers on our team to discuss goals, successes and areas for improvement, and enjoy a great lunch in person together.
  • The SHM CEO and the Leadership team made sure to visit with me and were eager to know how best to meet our company’s needs now and for the next 18 months.
  • The city of Mérida is so diverse and was easy to visit with plentiful Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers to get around.
  • I will definitely make plans to visit SHM again soon.



We are dedicated to helping our clients create cutting edge software.


Ready to find your team?

Software House Mérida, Yucatán, México, is organized around a new offshoring software development concept. Programming talent is core to our business and to our clients' success. We hire for you and they work exclusively under your control.

NOM-035 Verified Seal
NOM-035, 2022.

The Secretary of Labor diagnostic, NOM-O35, covering psychosocial risk factors in the SHM workplace was implemented.

Se implementó el diagnóstico de la NOM-035 de la secretaria del trabajo para factores de riesgo psicosocial.

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